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I enjoyed the story this author crafted, I often find modern fiction writing to be very easy to determine where the story is going, but not with this book... I had no clue what was going to happen all the way to the end. Jeanette, or Jett, the main character, was compelling and well-drawn and so was the life and environment she was placed in. There is some going back and forth in time, and it was well done, not too complicated to follow, yet enough to not be too simple either. There were a lot of medical terminologies used, and it all sounded very realistic. I’m not sure if the author did his research well, or has worked in the field, but for a well-read, though nonhealth reader, I didn’t find anything out of place or unbelievable.

And I am very interested in the dream world myself, so the whole concept of it was engaging and well written, worth a read!

Reviewed by Alex Ndirangu for Readers' Favorite


Jeanette Phillips, known as Jett, has a husband, who loves her very much, and four friends with whom she's been best friends since high school. Every Friday for the past twenty years, Jett and her friends have met to party, have a good laugh, and share their experiences during that past week. One time on those special Fridays, Jett arrives home just before the sun lights up the sky, snuggles next to her husband, and falls fast asleep. After a horrific nightmare where a car bursts into flames with all her friends trapped inside, she wakes up shaking uncontrollably and alone. Looking at the clock, she discovers she has slept for fifteen hours! This is the beginning of Jett's living nightmare. Over the next few days, she completely loses control of her sleep and has to helplessly watch the people she loves most be subjected to untold horrors in her dreams. Even worse, whatever she sees in her dreams starts to happen in reality. Will anyone determine a solution to her condition? Can the horrors she's seen in her dreams be avoided in reality? Find out in Kerry ONeal's Nightmare. The cover design is well done and drew me into this story, promising us a treat of horror and suspense. With adeptly crafted sensory descriptions, Kerry ONeal draws you deep into the setting to experience the surrounding tale. I prayed that doctors would eventually devise a solution to the dreadful sickness tearing Jett's life apart. After all, it is only a neurological problem that would cause Jett's troubles. Or is it? ONeal does an excellent job with the characters; they are likable and interesting to follow. They are also expressive, and they have real feelings. Every character has something interesting going on. More than anything, Nightmare heavily emphasizes the importance of healthy relationships and having people always by your side. ONeal also shines a light on the beauty of love in marriage through Nick and Jett. Several times in Jett's life, when uncertainty, fear, and pain threatened to take over, she looked to love for hope and comfort. ONeal's Nightmare was a pleasure to read and had the perfect cliffhanger to whet your appetite for whatever the second installment might bring. Highly Recommended!

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What If new cover.jpg

What If is a collection of thirteen stories written by the talented Kerry ONeal. Each story is written in What If reads like a mini-novel, each story also begins with a preface that describes the general tone of the story and I have to admit, I adored this as never before have I see this done in an anthology. I could sit here for hours writing about each story and what I loved about each one but we would be here forever! 

As I am sure you readers can guess by now I am madly in love with What If and so, I have no choice but to award this book a dazzling Five Stars! Its stories, characters, plots, and rich literature are utterly brilliant and should be awarded. I would implore readers who love all branches of horror to read this book and readers who adore anthologies because What If: An Anthology of 13 Short Stories truly would be the perfect read for you!

Aimee Ann 

Red-Headed Book Lover

October, 2019

Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

Fractured Suture by Kerry ONeal follows the story of a lifelong serial killer. At the tender age of nine, Thomas Allen Matthew instigated a fire that led to the brutal deaths of his neighbors. Since he was young, he was plagued by headaches that would only go away when he replenished his thirst for blood and killed someone. Thomas ended up murdering his own mother at fifteen, which led to his father's incarceration. After a lifetime of murders, Thomas bought a house in Atlanta, Georgia, where he met a mysterious elderly lady, Abigail Obadia. Forming an unlikely bond, Thomas relates his life story to Abigail, who has her own tragic past. Even with his bloodthirsty nature, Thomas is somewhat hesitant about killing Abigail. However, unbeknownst to Thomas, he is in for a big surprise.

If nailbiting psychological thrillers are your jam, Fractured Suture is just the book you're looking for. Well-paced and tightly plotted, the book breezes past without a single hitch, keeping you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Kerry ONeal gives you an inside look at the mind of a serial killer, providing a fascinating glimpse at his psychosis that showcases his inability to comprehend actual human emotions or form genuine relationships with others. Like many serial killers in history, Thomas is a riveting personality to observe. ONeal masterfully portrays Thomas' utter lack of guilt or remorse as he justifies his actions by conversing with his split inner persona. Overall, a gem of a book for fans of psychological thrillers.


I enjoyed this simple, yet moving story of the transformation of a lonesome caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. The dark rich colors and shapes of the artwork accompanying the story created a wonderful mood. Both parts are contained in one book. This allows easy reading to your loved ones.


reign of adolphe cover A done.jpg

Enjoyed the conceptual idea about the werewolf legend being generated out of the Bubonic Plague in the medieval period, where a battle between good and evil exists with a horrific beast out of Germany during the blood moon. It was like living through the eyes of the main character and the historical facts while the black death, killed millions, which made the story realistic. Although some readers may think the sentences may be too long, I found them necessary in order to cover every aspect of this gothic horror story.
Loved it and am now reading When a Predator Dies.

Carolyn Matthews

4.0 out of 5 stars

Reviewed in the United States on October 4, 2019

Reid Siebert
4.0 out of 5 stars
Great artwork!

Reviewed in the United States on March 13, 2007

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