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Behind the writer


Kerry would make up bedtime stories to tell his two young daughters, Shawna and Angie, before years later illustrating and writing a story about a caterpillar wanting to fly. He then wrote a sequel about it after becoming a monarch butterfly wanting to locate others like him. Both were published in 2006 by the same publisher in Colorado.

In 2013, he wrote a short story dedicated to his Mom who developed Alzheimer's and later succumbed to the disease. He has continuously been writing stories and released his first book of short stories in 2018, and has since then written several books of short stories, two novels, and two novellas, including the recent critically-praised novella "Nightmare".


Recently released his latest novel listed on the home page tab and is writing a sequel for Reign of Adolphe' and several stories for an upcoming book of short stories entitled: Wilderness Legends.


Feel free to comment or contact Kerry by email, he'd be glad to hear from you.

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