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My first two books were released in 2006 by Lifevest Publishing in both Softcover and Hardback. They are each available for Kindle and in Softcover from Amazon.

What If new cover - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg

This book of short stories was published by Xlibris in Indiana and is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for Kindle, Hardback, and Softcover. 

It was selected as one of the finalists in the Author Academy Awards for best fantasy book of 2019  

What If fantasy best book running.jpg
reign of adolphe cover A done.jpg
When a predator dies cover done - Copy - Copy.jpg

These original gothic horror novels involve a werewolf and vampire created in the middle ages during the bubonic plague and are based on various historical myths as the deadly plague surged across Europe killing millions in its path. 
They eventually meet each other in the catacombs in Paris, France, where an epic battle takes place to determine the future of mankind, in a chapter entitled "Crossing Paths" in their own words, in each novel.       

A collection of inspirational tales - Copy (2).jpg
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Amazing Tales Book Cover - Copy.jpg

I finished these short inspirational stories during the Covid-19 outbreak and added a few from "What If - An Anthology of 13 Short Stories".

august 14 2022 new cover - Copy (2).jpg
the dream new cover.jpg
NIGHTMARE COVER 10camila-quintero-franco-mC852jACK1g-unsplash.jpg

Recently this novella received 3 5-star reviews from Reader's Favorite

A story about a woman who experiences vivid nightmares until it's impossible to comprehend reality and the dream world; and not until the final pages is the true voracity revealed. 

Wilderness Legends book.jpg

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FS 5star-shiny-hr.png
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